The following is of Tezuka's known official matches:

Official Middle School Tournaments

Tournament Round School Position Opponent(s) Score
2007 Tokyo Prefectual Quarterfinals Yamabuki Middle School Singles 3 Sengoku Kiyosumi Won (Unknown)
2007 Tokyo Prefectual Finals Hyōtei Academy Unknown Singles Team Captain Won (Unknown)
2008 Tokyo District Quarterfinals Gyokurin Reserve Player None None
2008 Tokyo District Finals Fudomine Middle School Singles 1 Tachibana Kippei None (NOTE-1)
2008 Tokyo Prefectual Quarterfinals St.Rudolph Singles 1 Nomura Takuya None (NOTE-1)
2008 Tokyo Prefectual Finals Yamabuki Middle School Singles 1 Muromachi Tōji None (NOTE-1)
2008 Kanto Regionals Round 1 Hyōtei Academy Singles 1 Atobe Keigo Lost (6-7) (35-37)
2008 Nationals Round 2 Higa Chuu Singles 1 Kite Eishirō Won (NOTE-2)
2008 Nationals Quarterfinals Hyōtei Academy Singles 2 Kabaji Munehiro Won (7-6) (7-0)
2008 Nationals Semi-Finals Shitenhōji Doubles 1 Chitose Senri/Zaizen Hikaru Won (6-1) (NOTE-3)
2008 Nationals Finals Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku Singles 3 Sanada Genichirō Lost (5-7)
  • NOTE-1 No results due to Seigaku already winning 3 sets
  • NOTE-2 In the manga, Tezuka won with the score of 6-4, while in the anime, Tezuka won with the score of 6-2.
  • NOTE-3 Doubles partner is Sadaharu Inui, but match is played as a 1-on-1 against Chitose.

Unofficial Singles Matches

Day Place Opponent Score
2005 Jr. Singles Tournament Sanada Genichirō Won (6-0)
2005 Jr. Singles Tournament Sanada Genichirō Won (6-1)
2005 Jr. Singles Tournament Yukimura Seiichi Unconfirmed
2006 Seigaku Yamato Yūdai Won (6-0) NOTE-1
2006 Seigaku Sugiyama Won (6-2)
2006 Seigaku Takesue Won (Unknown)
2006 Seigaku Fuji Shusuke Lost (0-6) NOTE-1
4/2008 Near a train station Ryoma Echizen Won (Unknown)
5/2008 Seigaku Momoshiro Takeshi Won (Unknown)
7/2008 Seigaku (Anime only) Echizen Ryoma Won (6-4) NOTE-1
7/2008 Jr. Senbatsu Camp Takahisa Kajimoto Won (NOTE-2)
7/2008 Jr. Senbatsu Camp Shishido Ryō Won (NOTE-2)
7/2008 Jr. Senbatsu Camp Sengoku Kiyosumi Won (NOTE-2)
7/2008 Jr. Senbatsu Camp Ootori Chōtarō Won (NOTE-2)
8/2008 Near a train station (Anime only) Echizen Ryoma Lost (Unknown)
8/2008 Shishigaku Daimaru Daikichi Lost (0-6) NOTE-1
8/2008 Shishigaku Unoki Junitsu Lost (NOTE-1)
8/2008 Shishigaku Daimaru Daikichi Won (Unknown)
8/2008 Seigaku Oishi Shūichiro Won (6-0)
8/2008 Seigaku Momoshiro Takeshi Won (Unconfirmed)
  • NOTE-1 Note that Tezuka's arm was inhibiting him from playing at his full strength at all of these matches. Against Yamato, Tezuka was using his right arm to hide his true strength, while Yamato himself already had his arm injured due to extensive practicing, which forced Yamato to not play at his best. Against Fuji, his arm was already damaged thanks to Takesue, and against Ryoma, he was using his right hand due to the shoulder injury after his match against Atobe. At Shishigaku, technically, his arm was cured, but he was afraid to raise it due to the fear of another injury, but he was able to overcome it thanks to Chitose Miyuki.
  • NOTE-2 These matches are all exclusive to the Jr. Senbatsu arc of the anime and the "matches" were all pretty much 1-point matches to see if Tezuka was good enough to be the coach. Tezuka only used light swings with his racquet, as per doctor's instructions.

U-17 Camp Results

Type of Match Partner Opponent Score
Tiebreaker-style Elimination Match None Kaoru Kaido Won (7-0)
Player Shuffle None Unknown 5th Court Member Won (Unknown)
Team Shuffle Singles 2 None Yamato Yūdai Won (6-4)
Unofficial Match None Fuji Shusuke Won (Unknown)

U-17 World Cup

Type of Match Partner Opponent Score
Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match QP Keigo Atobe/Kanata Irie Won (6-0)