Tennis Matches
Chapter 31
Shuffle Match
Krauser and Nakagauchi
Final Score

Court 3 vs Court 5Edit

Krausers seems to be exhausted from running from one courer to the other - Nakagauchi has been hitting his shots to the corners. The score is 3-0, in Nakagauchi's favour. Kirihara gets mad and yells encouragement, but Atobe quiets him down.

Krauser manages to return a (happing) ball and it breaks the fence behind Nakagauchi. Nakagauchi keeps telling Krausers that the ball will keep going out, but he has no idea what Krauser really is planning. Krauser finally mutters "Your grave post has finally been completed", revealing the fence looks like a gravepost.

Krauser reveals his technique to Nakagauchi, he hits the ball to him that forms a cross. He is sent flying and smashes the fence with the gravepost marked. However, he manages to stand on his two feet again.

Despite being injured and bleeding, Nakagauchi stands up again. Nakagauchi returns to hitting shots to the corner to make Krauser use up his stamina.

Even though Krauser is exhausted, he still manages to hold his own, revealing another technique, Southern Cross. Nakagauchi gets hit into the fence again but rises again.

During the match, Krauser has a flashback about why he wants to stay in Japan rather than return to his home country.

Nakagauchi hits a Cord Ball and Krauser tries to return it with another Southern Cross. He is hit over the fence but climbs back over. He is still walking but he has taken a bit of damage. When he arrives back on court, Krauser collaspes and cannot continue. Nakagauchi wins by default.

He carries Krauser back to the bench and tells Oni that Krauser will get stronger, to which Oni agrees. The Doubles 2 match is about 2 start with Shiraishi claiming court 3 to be scary while Kirihara will get payback for Krauser.

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