Kuki Kiichi prof
Kiichi Kuki

Kuki Kiichi





Junior High

Kakinoki Middle School (3rd Year)

Club Position


Dominant Arm


Manga Debut

Genius 25

Anime Debut

Episode 14

Voice Actor

Eiji Takemoto (Japanese)


Kiichi Kuki is a third year student Kakinoki Middle School and the captain of the school tennis club.


Kuki has brown hair. He also has a scar under his eye.


Kuki is very arrogant in his abilities, believing that he had defeated Kirihara Akaya, the Second Year Ace, in a tennis match. In actuality, he had only defeated Urayama Shiita, who had pretended to by Kirihara when the latter had ended up at Seigaku instead of going to the practice session held at Kakinoki Middle School. Because he believes he had defeated he Kirihara he is brave enough to try and provoke the likes of highly skilled Tezuka Kunimitsu and Fuji Shusuke. He also insults Fudomine during the his teams match against them. Unfortunately for Kuki, his abilites do not back up his arrogance.


One Year Prior To The Storyline

At this time during his 2nd Year of Middle School, Kuki was a regular Kakinoki.


It is shown with a SonoPuri that just before the tournament, Kakinoki and Rikkai Dai had a joint training camp session in which there would be friendly match involving the best of the Rikkai Dai 2nd and 1st years against a full strength Kakinoki in order to strengthen the younger players of Rikkai Dai. Kuki is intially meant to play against Kirihara Akaya however due to Kirihara at this time paying an unplanned visit to Seigaku and comically ruining their training session, Rikkai regulars Niou Masaharu and Yagyuu Hiroshi conspire and dress their freshman Urayama Shiita as Kirihara. Kuki defeats Urayama 6-1, believing he has defeated the known Kirihara with ease, his arrogance greatly increases when going into the tournament.

At the Districts, Kuki provokes the likes of Fuji Shusuke and Tezuka Kunimitsu. However as Kakinoki is the No.2 seed and is drawn against newly reformed school tennis club Fudomine, he expects an easy win. Kuki begins to provoke the Fudomine players by constantly saying they are a no-name school. He plays singles against Ibu Shinji who easily crushes him and then attempts to violently strike Kuki for dissing his team but luckily Kuki he is stopped just in time by Fudomine captain Tachibana Kippei.

He afterwards informs Mizuki Hajime of Tezuka's injury prior to the Tokyo Prefectural Quarterfinals match between St.Rudolph and Seigaku.    

Tennis Record

Tokyo District

Tournament and Round School Player(s) Results
2008 Tokyo District Semifinals Fudomine Kuki Kiichi Lost



  • "You weren’t weak at all. It’s just that I was too strong!" ("Omae wa keshite yowaku nai. Ore ga tsuyokka ta dake no hanashi ta! ")