Kawamura Sushi

Kawamura Sushi restaurant

Kawamura Sushi is a family owned and run restaurant. Kawamura Takashi is set to inherit the place upon his father's retirement as the second generation chef. The restaurant is also the home of the Kawamura family, who live upstairs.

Kawamura Sushi is the usual place that the Seishun Gakuen's tennis regulars go to celebrate their winnings over a tough match or of a tournament.

The restaurant was first introduced in chapter/Genius 41 of the manga and episode 20 of the anime.

Aside form sushi, the restaurant does sell other products:

  • Kawamura Sushi Towelis a towel designed by the current head chef and Kawamura Takashi's father. It has the characters for Kawamura Sushi littered around, and comes in either red or blue.
Kawamura Sushi Towel

Kawamura Sushi towel


  • Wasabi rolls were made specifically for Fuji Shuusuke. They were made for the first time when he visited the restaurant.
  • Tezuka Kunimitsu gets mistaken for a teacher here during Seishun Gakuen's celebration of the Tokyo District Preliminary victory.
  • The towel Kaido Kaoru practices with for Boomerang Snake is from Kawamura Sushi.

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