The Prince of Tennis
Season 3, Episode 72
Episode 72
Air date
March 5, 2003
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Kaoru becomes Ryoma is the 72nd episode of the Prince of Tennis series. It was first broadcasted on March 5, 2003.


On a day off of matches and practicing Kaidou and Echizen run into each other and start to compete with each other.  Few boys were arguing which tennis player is better on a near by tennis court. One child argues that his nieghbor is stronger, while the other says Ryoma Echizen is stronger. Echizen and Ryoma continue their little competition on that same tennis court these children are on. The boys begin to chase after Kaidou calling out "Ryoma Echizen", mistaking Kaidou for Echizen. On a tennis magazine that one of the boys had it shows Kaidou's picture with the name Ryoma Echizen(freshman). The next page shows a picture of Saori Shiba, who has edited the magazine article. It seems that she has made a big mistake.