"Seigaku vs. Josei Shonan" "Seigaku tai Jōsei Shōnan" (青学対城成湘南)

April 9, 2003

The members of the Josei Shonan team are introduced. Their training techniques are one-of-a-kind. Finally , the match between Seigaku and Josei is starting.

The Josei coach tries to scout Ryoma over when they meet near the entrance but is rejected.


"Fight of the Calm and the Passionate" "Reisei to Jyōnetsu no Tatakai" (冷静と情熱の戦い)

April 16, 2003

Momoshiro is easily provoked by Josei Shonan's "unit", but gets his act together and makes a comeback. However, when Momo accidentally drinks some of Inui's experimental Juice, Seigaku is forced to forfeit the doubles two game.


"Thunderbolt" "Sandāboruto" (サンダーボルト)

April 23, 2003

The "Golden Pair" of Seigaku has to play with a very weird combination of Josei Shonan members in the doubles one match.

79 "I formation"

"I (Ai) Fōmēshon" (I (アイ) フォーメーション)

April 30, 2003
The Golden Pair reveals a new formation that is similar to the Australian Formation.
80 "Style of the Pretender"

"Puritendā Senbō" (プリテンダーの戦法)

May 7, 2003
Wakato Hiroshi, the copy genius of Josei Shonan, faces off against Kaido, who struggles to overcome Wakato's change-over technique.
81 "Viper vs. Fake Viper"

"Mamushi VS Nise Mamushi" (マムシVSニセマムシ)

May 14, 2003
Kaido continues to struggle against Wakato's technique, until he notices the key to Wakato's play style.
82 "Hanamura's Temptation"

"Hanamura no Yūwaku" (華村の誘惑)

May 21, 2003
The Kaido/Wakato match goes to a tie-break and Kaido must overcome his fiercest opponent - himself.
83 "The Best Masterpiece"

"Saikō no Sakuhin" (最高の作品)

May 28, 2003
Singles two - Ryoma Echizen and Reiji Shinjō commences, with Ryoma seemingly heading for an easy victory until Shinjo introduces his Mirage technique. Of course , Ryoma understands this trick after a while and is able to 'seal' this technique. Things seem to go well for Ryoma again but he suddenly gets 'attacked' !
84 "Deep Impulse"

"Dīpu Inparusu" (ディープ·インパルス)

June 4, 2003
Shinjo's old aggressive tennis style is revealed. His old style was previously sealed by Josei's coach, Aoi Hanamura, because it injured the opponent, causing him to want to quit tennis. He also injures Ryoma's face a couple of times but Ryoma has his counter-attck ready. Josei regulars are shocked to see Shinjo losing to the chibi freshman from Seigaku.
85 "The Result of the Deadly Duel"

"Shitō no Hate" (死闘の果て)

June 11, 2003
Ryoma overcomes the deadly power of Shijo's technique, Deep Impulse, and wins the game. The team then celebrates at Kawamura Sushi restaurant. As promised, losers have to eat wasabi sushi - Inui and Momoshiro in danger!

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