Ep# Title Original airdate
54 "Kaoru's Special Training"

"Kaoru no Tokkun" (薫の特訓)

October 23, 2002
During the tournament combination drawings, Seigaku learns of their next opponent, Hyotei Academy. Meanwhile, in preparation for Seigaku's next match, Kaido trains especially hard in order to perfect his Boomerang Snake, in which Inui decides to help him with for a price: to become his doubles' partner. Also, Hyotei's rigorous regular selection process is revealed.
55 "Hyotei Presses Near"

"Semarikuru Hyōtei" (迫りくる氷帝)

October 30, 2002
Seigaku arrives at the tennis court for their upcoming match, but Shuichiro Oishi, who bumps into a pregnant lady on his way to the match, ends up going to the hospital to take care of her. Takeshi Momoshiro runs over to take Oishi's place at the hospital, only to find out that Oishi himself is also injured, so the latter encourages Momoshiro to take his place. Ryoma is the sub this time , due to him being chibi, may be unable to withstand strong attacks from their opponents.
56 "Doubles for Three"

"Sannin no Daburusu" (3人のダブルス)

November 6, 2002
Due Oishi's absence, Momoshiro ends up playing doubles with [Eiji Kikumaru]], but the latter is unable to play to his fullest. However, once Eiji gets used to Momoshiro's presence, he begins to play in his normal play style. Oishi later shows up to cheer for them on the sidelines, encouraging the two to play to their fullest.
57 "Scud Serve"

"Sukaddo Sābu" (スッカドサーブ)

November 13, 2002
After Momoshiro and Eiji beat their opponents, Sadaharu Inui and Kaido Kaoru play against [Ryou Shishido]] and Chōtarō Ootori pair. To start off the match, Ohtori shows them his Scud Serve, a super fast serve verging on 200 km/h. Since the serve was not in Inui's data, the pair has difficulty in trying to return it.
58 "The Worst Compatibility"

"Saiaku no Aishō!?" (最悪の相性!?)

November 20, 2002
Neither Inui nor Kaido can react fast enough to Ohtori's Scud Serve. Even after Inui removes his weighted wrist bands; which granted him more speed, still wasn't enough to return the Scud Serve. As the Seigaku pair struggle, Keigo Atobe, Hyotei's captain, reflects back on how hard Shishido and Ohtori trained for this.
59 "The Hidden Trouble"

"Akunaki Kodawari" (あくなきこだわり)

November 27, 2002
As Inui reveals that he only needs data on Shishido and Ohtori because he has completed all the others, his past of how he took interest in Data Tennis is revealed. After Inui gathers the required data, Inui and Kaido finally make a comeback. However, even after Kaido reveals he has mastered his Boomerang Snake technique, the other team still proves formidable as they are able to return it.
60 "Power vs. Power"

"Pawā VS Pawā" (パワーVSパワー)

December 4, 2002
Munehiro Kabaji and Takashi Kawamura battle it out with a power duel.
61 "Duel of Hadokyu!"

"Hadōkyū Gassen!" (波動球合戦!)

December 11, 2002
Kawamura uses the one and two-handed Hadokyu, but Kabaji copies it. It then becomes a duel of whose arm will last longest.
62 "The Disappearing Serve"

"Kieru Sābu" (消えるサーブ)

December 18, 2002
Shusuke Fuji wants to pay Jiro Akutagawa back for defeating Yuta, and he also wants to win for Kawamura, who was injured along with Kabaji. Fuji thus reveals a very special serve.
63 "The Last Triple Counter"

"Saigo no Toripuru Kauntā" (最後のトリプルカウンター)

December 25, 2002
Fuji shows the last of his Triple Counter, Hakugei, and defeats Jirou.
64 "Compilation stories TeniPuri"

"Bangaihen Tenipuri" (番外編 てにぷり)

January 8, 2003
Short stories involving super deformed versions of the characters; includes "Super Soldier", "Beware of Snow White?!", and "Jump out! Seigaku".
65 "Become Seigaku's Pillar of Support"

"Seigaku no Hashira ni Nare" (青学の柱になれ)

January 15, 2003
Kunimitsu Tezuka, Seigaku's captain, faces off against Atobe, while Oishi reminisces about his promise to Tezuka: they would take Seigaku to the Nationals; and how Tezuka's arm was injured when they were first years.
66 "Rondo Towards Destruction"

"Hametsu e no Rondo" (破滅への輪舞曲)

January 22, 2003
Atobe shows his special two-part smash, the Rondo Towards Destruction.
67 "End of the ball"

"Saigo no Ikkyū" (最後の一球)

January 29, 2003
Tezuka continues to use his left hand, even though he is aware of the injuries he may further sustain.
68 "The Never Ending Tie-Break"

"Owarinaki Taiburēku" (終わりなきタイブレーク)

February 5, 2003
Atobe and Tezuka continue the match, and enters a long tie-break, until Atobe finally wins. Ryoma then plays the last match against Wakashi Hiyoshi, and wins with his Drive B, but also reveals that through watching Tezuka's match he also picked up the Captain's speciality shot. Ryoma also seems to be stronger.
69 "Who Will be a Regular?"

"Regyurā no Za wa Dare no Te ni?" (レギュラーの座は誰の手に?)

February 12, 2003
Kato Kachiro, a Seigaku freshman, gets upset with Masashi Arai and his friends for being insensitive to the regulars who have injuries. They battle it out on the courts, and whoever loses has to quit the tennis club.

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