91 "Rokkaku's Freshman Captain"

"Rokkaku Chū no Ichinensei Buchō" (六角中の一年生部長)

July 16, 2003
Seigaku's regulars meet Rokkaku Middle School's regulars on their way home, and Kentaro Aoi has a practice match with Ryoma Echizen, revealing Kentaro's great ball control.
92 "The Boy with the Long Racket"

"Naga Raketto no Otoko" (長ラケットの男)

July 23, 2003
Harukaze Kurobane and Hikaru Amane, who has a long racket, have a match against Momoshiro and Kawamura in doubles.
93 "Dash Hadokyu"

"Dasshu Hadōkyū" (ダッシュ波動球)

July 30, 2003
Kawamura develops a new technique that knocks out the rackets of their opponent. Though their opponent is surprised and worried about Kawamura's Dash Hadokyu, they find out that Kawamura can only use it once per game, otherwise, it will destroy his wrist.
94 "The Secret Plan to Seal Kikumaru"

"Kikumaru Fūji no Hisaku" (菊丸封じの秘策)

August 6, 2003
Eiji's acrobatic play is sealed by Rokkaku's Saeki Kojirō, until he reveals his amazing Seal Step. Unfortunately, Eiji's stamina is drained easily.
95 "Tsubame Gaeshi, Broken"

"Tsubame Gaeshi, Yaburetari!" (つばめ返し, 破れたり!)

August 13, 2003
Fuji's Tsubame Gaeshi becomes useless due to Rokkaku's Marehiko Itsuki's ability to hit a sinker, ball with no spin. Fuji then makes Itsuki hit a cord ball, thus creating a slight spin, allowing Fuji to use Tsubame Gaeshi again.
96 "Ryoma, Get Pumped!"

"Moero Ryōma!" (燃えろリョーマ!)

August 20, 2003
Ryoma fights Kentaro Aoi in a game that continues for over 3 hours and has to continue to the next day because of the setting sun.
97 "Finishing Smash"

"Ketchaku no Sumasshu" (決着のスマッシュ)

August 27, 2003
Ryoma and Aoi can't sleep because they are so pumped up from their game. They both go to the courts and decide to play an unofficial game in the early morning, before the sun is up. When the rest of the Seigaku team arrives at the playing time, they can't find Ryoma and they think something's wrong but then they find him and Aoi fast asleep in the grass with all their stuff. The match continues where it left off and Ryoma manages to win the game by using his Drive B with a slight variation.

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