The Invitationals Team

Only appearing in the anime, the Kanto Junior Selection Camp was formed to pick the members of the Japanese Junior Team (Kanto region only), representatives from each Kanto school were chosen to train at this camp, where at the end, eight representatives are chosen to play at the Goodwill Games against the American Team (West Coast). It should not be confused with the (National) Junior Selection Camp that occured one year prior to the storyline, often referenced by participants.


The camp is a large facility with a running track and multiple tennis courts in the back. On the inside there are two-man rooms for the participants, as well as a large dining hall where they eat and four rooms for meetings, one for each of the three groups and one for the coaches to meet.


The following are those who participated in this camp:


From Seigaku

From Fudomine

From St.Rudolph

From Yamabuki

From Hyotei

From Josei Shonan

From Rokkaku

From Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku



Kanto Select 2008 team

The final team.

The following are part of the final team for the America West Coast Region VS Japan Kanto region in the Goodwill Tournament:

  • Doubles 2 - Atobe Keigo and Sanada Genichiro
  • Doubles 1 - Kikumaru Eiji and Oshitari Yushi
  • Singles 3 - Sengoku Kiyosumi
  • Singles 2 - Fuji Shusuke
  • Singles 1 - Kirihara Akaya
  • Substitute - Echizen Ryoma