Ep. # Title Original Release Date
116-117 [Special Episode] "Seigaku vs Champion Rikkaidai! I'll be the One who'll Win!" January 21, 2004
This is it! After one week's postponement of their match, it's finally here! But Momoshiro and Kaidoh are missing!
118 "Battle Ceremony" January 28, 2004
Momoshiro and Kaidoh vs. Bunta Marui and Jackal Kuwahara.
119 "Tightrope Walking Doubles" February 4, 2004
Marui's move is revealed. The ball "walks" across the net.
120 "Kikumaru Was Read By Niou" February 11, 2004
Kikumaru is read by Niou, which angers him. The Golden Pair experiences a tension that makes the first half of the game in favor of Rikkaidai.
121 "Yagyuu's Decision" February 18, 2004
The Golden Pair is able to make a comeback, thanks to Oishi's patience.
122 "Inui Hollers" February 25, 2004
Inui faces his former doubles partner, Renji Yanagi, in a match that will determine who's stronger.
123 "Conclusion of the Remembered" March 3, 2004
Everybody is surprised when Inui says that he'll forget all his data, only to find out that he actually didn't. Renji is manipulated by Inui, who makes their match from before continue.
124 "Kirihara's Red Trap" March 10, 2004
The genius of Seigaku, [[Shūsuke Fuj]i], faces Rikkaidai's Akaya Kirihara. A battle of an 'Angel' against a 'Demon'. Kirihara intentionally injures Fuji's right knee.
125 "Angry Fuji" March 17, 2004
Kirihara continues to injure Fuji. Kippei Tachibana arrives despite his injury (also dealt by Kirihara) and cheers Fuji on. However, when Kirihara attempts to injure Tachibana again, Fuji finally becomes angry at Kirihara's sadistic style of tennis and unleashes his potential on Kirihara and tells him that "tennis must not be used as a tool to breed hatred." Though being told he should go to the hospital, Fuji insists on staying for the next match to support his teammate.
126 "Clash! Ryoma vs Sanada" March 24, 2004
The deciding game!! Sanada's invisible swing initially pushed back Ryoma, putting him at a disadvantage. Ryoma hasn't won in 3 games, but he gains advantage by using a new move called "Cyclone Smash", holding Sanada back.
127 "Invisible Serve" March 31, 2004
Having all his moves sealed, Ryoma can only use his "Cyclone Smash". However, having used it repeatedly while enduring Sanada's serves caused him to tire out and his eyes to hurt, so he continued the match with his eyes closed. Pushed by the need to fight for Yukimura (Rikkaidai’s captain), Sanada uses his “Invisible Serve”, a move that effectively hides his swing and the path of the ball.
128 "Conclusion ~ Which One will Win?" April 7, 2004
Ryoma, after temporarily losing his morale due to not being able to return the “Invisible serve”, eventually starts to feel the pressure from his peers and challengers. This, along with his desire not to lose, pushes him to go into the State of Self-Actualization and uses the techniques of other players. Rikkaidai loses the game and heads to the Nationals as runner-up. When they go to Kawamura's sushi place to celebrate, coach Ryuzaki comes with news that Rikkaidai's captain Yukimura Seiichi's surgery is successful.

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