A team that is the number two seed during the District Preliminaries due to their performance the previous year, but loses to Fudomine in the semi-finals of the preliminary tournament.

Kakinoki tennis team membersEdit

Having some knowledge of Tezuka's injury, he tried to provoke Tezuka Kunimitsu by trying to grab his left arm, but Tezuka brushed him off. He lost to Ibu Shinji in the semi-finals. His was frustrated that he began bad-mouthing about how Fudomine was a 'no-name school', nearly causing Ibu to attack him with his racquet.

Tennis RecordEdit

District TournamentEdit

Tournament and Round School Player(s) Results
2008 Tokyo District Semifinals Fudomine Aoki/Yamanashi Lost
2008 Tokyo District Semifinals Fudomine Kifura/Taniishi Lost
2008 Tokyo District Semifinals Fudomine Kuki Kiichi Lost

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