Koyo akiba
Kōyō Akiba



Akiba Kōyō






176 cm


64 kg


October 3



Eyesight (Unaided)

1.5 (both eyes)

Blood Type



Younger Sister

High School

(3rd Year)

Japan U-17 Camp

No.20 of All Japan Representative (Former)
Court 5 (?)

Dominant Arm


Play Style

Counter Puncher


Technifibre T.Fight 295 MP



Manga Debut

Golden Age 50

Voice Actor

Go Inoue


Akiba Kōyō was the 20th Japanese Representative that were at an Overseas Expedition when the Middle Schoolers first arrive at the U-17 Camp at the start of New Prince of Tennis. However, Akiba loses to Irie upon his return to the camp and thus loses his position as a 1st Stringer and becomes a 2nd Stringer.


Akiba wears a cap backwards but turned to the left slightly. Akiba has short shaved hair.


Akiba is shown to be notably arrogant in his abilities and rather cold with his words, as he criticizes Irie for 'not being able to shift his focus to that of the world and staying behind at the U-17 Camp' and berates Irie for what he claimed was just 'cheap acting'. 


U-17 CampEdit

U-17 Camp RevolutionEdit

Akiba first appears as a member of the First Returning 1st Stringers and No.20 out of the All-Japan Juniors as they return from there Overseas Expedition and complains at the fact that none of the rest of the U-17 Camp greeted them upon their return. He goes ahead without the rest of the Foreign Expedition Group only to find Irie Kanata waiting for him. Irie challenges him as he is amongs the 20 players chosen to challenge the Top 20.

At the outset, Akiba dominates Irie and berates him for staying behind in Japan, however he fell victim to Irie's trickery and was unable to realize Irie was pretending and allowing himself to lose points against Akiba. Irie then gets serious and stuns Akiba which results in Akiba soundly losing the match. As a result, Akiba loses his title of All-Japan's Junior No. 20 to Irie. 

Genius 10 ChallengeEdit

Akiba can then be seen with the rest of the camp as part of the audience between the Genius 10 and the Middle School challengers

Tennis RecordEdit

U-17 Camp ResultsEdit

Type of Match Partner Opponent(s) Score
Foreign Expedition Group Challenge None Kanata Irie Lose (5-7)

Playing Style and TechniquesEdit

U-17 Camp StatsEdit

The former No. 20 of the first string. His willingness to play even on the lower end of the roster is commendable. His favorite season is autumn.

Speed – 3: His leg strength is below average. However, by using his long arms, he can extend his defensive field and catch up to any ball.

Power – 5: His height provides both a strong smash and a strong serve. In the future, he should focus on strengthening his back.

Stamina – 4: Long matches used to be his weakness, but he has surpassed it. He used to be picky about food, but after spending time overseas that has changed.

Mental – 3: While he used to be weak during decisive points, after facing powerful players overseas he has grown tougher.

Technique – 4: He possess high technical abilities. His ability to select the right shot type shows how much he has matured.

Kurobe Memo: Even though he lost to Irie, it is too soon to write him off. I expect even greater things from him if he makes use of the experience he gained overseas. In addition to improved basics and already high level technical abilities, he has a strong heart that lets him aim for even higher positions.


Character TriviaEdit

  • He has become better at drawn out fights after going to Europe and China, where he has progressed.
  • He leaves a good impression of liking proper manners through his greetings.

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