The Prince of Tennis
Season 5, Episode 110
Episode 110
Air date
November 26th, 2003
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Tennis Biathlon

Original Prodigy: Fuji Shūsuke

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Jump, Kabaji! is the 110th episode of the original Prince of Tennis. It originally aired on the 26th November 2003.


The Hyotei Academy tennis team shows up for an intensive session with Seigaku. Kikumaru faces off with the genius copycat player Kabaji Munehiro, while Inui faces Hiyoshi Wakashi. Kikumaru eventually wins as Kabaji tires, unable to sustain the copying of Kikumaru's acrobatic play. Inui has tied with Hiyoshi at 6 to 6 games. Hiyoshi thinking he would have won anyways finds Inui tied with him wearing 20 lbs of weight training gear.


Hyotei Academy goes to the Seigaku training camp for matches. They begin their ordeal by critizing the conditions of the house and of the courts. Karma gets the best of them when they are frightened by frogs and admit that they can't believe Seigaku is tough enough to endure such a place. But Oishi takes control and announces the rules. Two singles matches will be played at a time and one set matches without tie breakers. Hyotei will always serve first.

First the matches start with Inui Sadaharu VS Hiyoshi Wakashi. Inui is surprised because Hyoshi has improved his Enbu Tennis style of playing.

But the exciting part of this episode happens with the match against Eiji and Kabaji. Kabaji is much bigger than Eiji and he isnt unaware of this fact. Kabaji ends up beating Eiji in the first game only with his powerful serves. Eiji calms down and ends up tying the second match because of his grip on the racket which shortens the powerful impact. After being told to jump by Atobe, Kabaji is able to copy the acrobatic play.

This lengthens Kabaji's reach and therfore becomes greater than Eiji's ability. But not for long because after the camp that Seigaku went through Eiji had been improving on his acorbatics so he has more stamina and more ability which overcomes Kabajis copy style in the end. The match between Inui and Hyoshi is revisited and after many games the match is ended in a tie. But Inui was wearing atleast 25 pounds of extra weight which means the outcome was probably very different from what it could have been.