Joushuuin Dai Fuzoku Shimizu is a middle school that participated in the Nationals. They eliminated Midoriyama Junior High in the first round but were eliminated by Kabuto in the second round.


Tennis RecordEdit

Nationals Round 1Edit

Player(s) Position Opponent Score
Asahina Singles 3 Habu Itto Won 6-4
Wakuta Makoto/Hakamada Doubles 2 Tsuta Akane/Kongawa Junpei Won 6-4
Sone Singles 2 Takase Masato Lost 3-6
Segiyama/Atsumi Doubles 1 Minamoto Takuma/Kitamura Wataru Won 6-4
Mochizuki Tamotsu Singles 1 Kiraku Yasuyuki Won 6-2

Nationals Round 2Edit

Player(s) Position Opponent Score
Hakamada Singles 3 Kitagaito Lost 1-6
Sone/Segiyama Doubles 2 Matsumoto/Yoshida Lost 3-6
Atsumi Singles 2 Minamihata Lost 3-6
Mochizuki Tamotsu/Asahina Doubles 1 Uyama Shinbei/Fujii Lost 2-6
Wakuta Makoto Singles 1 Shino Kazuyuki Lost 5-7

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