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Josei Shonan Junior High (城成湘南中学校 Jōsei Shōnan Chūgakkō) resides in the Kanagawa Prefecture of the Kanto region. Though they are mentioned in the manga, they only appear in the anime, where they replace Midoriyama as Seigaku's opponents in the second round of the Kantō Tournament. There are 35 tennis club members though most are unnamed and are separate from the anime and manga counterparts.

Tennis Club Members Edit


Coach Edit

3rd Years Edit

2nd Years Edit


The following are the ones that are only named or mentioned in the manga but never shown.

  • Aoi Hanamura (Coach)
  • Toda Naoto (Year 3, Treasurer)
  • Mikami (Regular)
  • Kongouji (Regular)
  • Sakaono (Regular)
  • Oshiayu (Regular)
  • Hiraou (Regular)
  • Nakada (Regular)
  • Kajimoto Takahisa (Regular)
  • Wakato Hiroshi (Regular)

Tennis ResultsEdit

Match Players Opponents Score
Doubles 2 Hiraoko/ Nakata Takase Masato/Kitamura Wataru 2-6
Doubles 1 Sakaono/ Oshiayu Kongawa Junpei/Tsuta Akane 5-7
Singles 3 Konnuuji Habu Itto 6-4
Singles 2 Mikami Minamoto Takuma 6-3
Singles 1 Kajimoto Takahisa Kiraku Yasuyuki 6-7
Substitutes Wakato Hiroshi Unknown NO SCORE


Who is your favortite member in Josei Shonan

The poll was created at 05:55 on September 11, 2013, and so far 207 people voted.


  • Only three of the people from the anime Josei Shonan exist in the manga. They being Aoi Hanamura, Kajimoto Takahisa, and Wakato Hiroshi.

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