The Prince of Tennis
Season Another Story 2, Episode 4
Air date
October 26, 2011
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Bunta no Mezame

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Jirou no Mezame (Jirou's Awakening) is the 4th episode of the Prince of Tennis OVA Another Story II ~The Times We Shared~ [Ano Toki no Bokura]. It originally aired on the 26th October 2011.


A history involving Jirou Akutagawa and Bunta Marui.


Jirou is apparently sleeping too much, and the other regulars can't handle it. Oshitari and Gakuto go out to spy on Jirou to see what he does when he's awake and find out why he sleeps at practice. They trail him to Rikkai to see that Jirou watches Marui play tennis after school.

Jirou mistakes a sweet shop's line for a bus stop's line and spots Marui there. They go up to the rooftop and discuss how they want to play against each other. Marui says that he'll only get to play with him if Hyotei gets in the Kantou tournament, but Jirou ignores this and thinks that they'll play each other in practice matches.

The next day Jirou asks Atobe if he'll let him play practice matches against Rikkai and Atobe agrees since Jirou promised to stay awake and actally practice. The next few days show Jirou trying to stay awake and practicing.

The day for the practice matches finally arrive and Marui and Jirou play first. It seems to go pretty good for Jirou until he fell asleep in the middle of the game, forfeiting, letting Marui take the win. Atobe comes up and says that it was a shameful match (to Rikkai) and that he will redeem his team with his match with Sanada.

At the end Jirou wakes up on the bleachers , next to Atobe, and he states that he lost. Atobe gives him Marui's wristbands (a bet that they made before the match. Whoever wins gives their wristbands to the loser) and informs him that Marui said that he will be waiting untill he gets Jirou's wristbands and he hopes that Jirou will get his sleep.

In morning practice, Jirou continues to sleep. Shishido tells Ositari that he hasn't changed at all and Oshitari replies saying that his naps have been shorter by 2.5 seconds. Everyone laughs at this and all Jirou can say is that "Tennis is so fun" (while sleeping).