HS Participants (E)

The Japanese U-17 World Cup team is made up of solely High Schoolers that were All-Japan Junior High School selection candidates within the U-17 Camp. Led by captain Byoudouin Houou.


Japan U-17 Roster
Byoudouin Houou prof Tanegashima Shuuji in his 1st Stringer uniform as the No.2 of U-17 Japan Duke watanabe Tokugawa in Red
Byoudouin Houou
Tanegashima Shuuji
Duke Watanabe
Aggressive Baseliner
Tokugawa Kazuya
Oni Juujiro in his 1st Stringer uniform Omagari ryuji Kimijima ikuto Akutsukyo tohno
Oni Juujiro
Ohmagari Ryuji
Aggressive Baseliner
Ikuto Kimijima
Tōno Atsukyō
Aggressive Baseliner
Tsukimitsu Ochi Mori in action Danji date Irie in Red
Ochi Tsukimitsu
Mōri Juzaburō
Date Danji
Aggressive Baseliner
Kanata Irie
- Hakamada izo -
- Hakamada Izou
Aggressive Baseliner
Nakagauchi Sotomichi
Aggressive Baseliner


  1. Hōō Byōdōin 3rd Year High School
  2. Shūji Tanegashima 3rd Year High School
  3. Duke Watanabe 3rd Year High School
  4. Kazuya Tokugawa 2nd Year High School
  5. Jūjirō Oni 3rd Year High School
  6. Ryūji Ōmagari 3rd Year High School
  7. Kimijima Ikuto 3rd Year High School
  8. Atsukyō Tōno 3rd Year High School -> Replaced with Kazena Kaji
  9. Tsukimitsu Ochi 3rd Year High School
  10. Juzaburō Mōri 1st Year High School
  11. Date Danji 3rd Year High School
  12. Kanata Irie 3rd Year High School
  13. Hakamada Izou 3rd Year High School
  14. Nakagauchi Sotomichi 3rd Year High School

Tennis Record

Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match

Type of Match Doubles Pair Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 1 Duke Watanabe/Shūsuke Fuji M. Bismarck/E. Siegfried Won (7-5)
Doubles 2 Kanata Irie/Keigo Atobe QP/Kunimitsu Tezuka Lose (0-6)
Doubles 3 Kazuya Tokugawa/Seiichi Yukimura Jürgen Valicevic Volk/A. Frankensteiner Lose (3-6)

Group League

vs Greece

Type of Match Player(s) Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 2 Tsukimitsu Ochi/Shūichirō Oishi Thalatta Heracles/Papadopoulos Evangelos Won (7-5)
Doubles 1 Atsukyō Tōno/Akaya Kirihara Apollo Stephanoploss/Orion Stephanoploss Won (6-4)
Singles 3 Shūji Tanegashima Zeus Iriopourosu Won (7-5)

vs Australia

Position Player(s) Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 2 Genichirō Sanada/Seiichi Yukimura Jean Fitzgerald/Chris Hopman Won (7-5)
Doubles 1 Keigo Atobe/Shūsuke Fuji Milky Millman/Mac McGregor Won (7-6 [148-146])
Singles 3 Kintarō Tōyama J. J. Dorgias Won (JJ Forfeits)

vs Switzerland

Type of Match Player(s) Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 2 Eishirō Kite/Ryūji Ōmagari Henri Nobel III/Peter Ranbiell Lost (3-6)
Doubles 1 Gin Ishida/Duke Watanabe Albert Federer/Randy Pugu Lost (1-6)
Singles 3 Jin Akutsu Amadeus 1-6 (Lost)


  • There are only 2 high schoolers who are not in their 3rd year, Tokugawa and Mori.


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