Jack Knife
Shot Type
Two-Handed Stroke

The Jack Knife is a fast, sharp and powerful high-leveled backhand shot made by using the front foot to jump into the air with balance while utilizing the weight of the body to achieve maximum strength. When using the Jack Knife, the user keeps the ball at his racket until the last moment to make it a strong shot. Momoshiro uses this move to win his match against Yamabuki Middle School's Kiyosumi Sengoku.

It is noted in the anime that the Jack Knife is a move no ordinary junior high student can do, only professionals are able to use the move successfully, which makes Momoshiro especially formidable as he can use it. Even Atobe of Hyōtei was taken by surprise.

It is shown that he started to adjust his backhand to this shot during a practice match with his captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu.



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