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Season 2, Episode 51
Episode 51
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Inui's Challenge (乾の兆戦Inui no Chōsen) is the 51st epoisode of the original Prince of Tennis.It was originally aired on the 2nd October 2002.


During the intra-ranking tournament of Seigaku, Inui Sadaharu and captain Tezuka Kunimitsu are placed in the same qualifying group and play against each other.  Though the game starts off evenly matched, Inui begins to pull ahead by using his determination, the extra training he has done, and the data he has been gathering on Tezuka since their freshman years. As Tezuka continues to struggle against Inui's Data Tennis, Inui manages to return one of Tezuka's difficult drop shots. However, Tezuka reveals uses a technique that shocks both his opponent and the spectators.

Tennis Moves Introduced