Atobe's Insight Stance

Supposedly gifted with fantastic eyesight, Atobe uses this in Insight, a technique where he can quickly determine his opponent's weaknesses. He places his fingers between his widely opened eyes and laughs with a somewhat insane tone. During the match against Tezuka, however, Atobe guesses wrongly that Tezuka's elbow is injured. Atobe's Insight is not limited to flaws, at least not in the anime; he sees Ryoma's "limitless potential" during a training session and beholds no imperfections in Sanada during the Junior Senbatsu (Junior Invitational).

During his match with Ryoma in the manga, Atobe utilizes Insight to its full potential. He is able to see the spin on the ball caused by the Tezuka/Samurai Zone, and is able to add enough counterspin to nullify it.


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