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Atobe & Tezuka

Tezuka learning Atobe's ways


Imperial Pair is the accepted term to describe a romantic relationship between Atobe and Tezuka.


  • In TV series, at the request of Tezuka, Atobe helps to train Ryoma before the game against Rikkaidai by arranging a game between Hyotei and Seigaku. Atobe admits that he wants to see whether Ryoma can really meet Tezuka's expectation.
  • Atobe seems to have a passion for defeating Tezuka fairly (not injured).
  • Atobe seems to see Tezuka as his greatest rival.
  • In Kanto Junior Selection Camp, in an argument about who shall be the first to defeat Tezuka and who is a better player, Atobe talked Sanada into having a match with him. Tezuka shows appreciation to Atobe's skills during this game when the latter first reveals his Tannhauser Serve to the rest of the players.
  • Atobe seems to take great interest in comparing Ryoma to Tezuka. When Ryoma uses Tezuka Zone, while he was in the Muga no Kyochi phase, he said "You're still in my way Tezuka!"
  • After witnessing Tezuka's victory over Chitose Senri, Atobe leaves the court thinking "宿敌よ、强くあね!" (Become stronger, my destined rival!) However, the author of the anime, Takeshi Konomi, labels the word "宿敌" (destined rival) with the pronunciation "とも(tomo)," which means "friend."
  • In the mini-movie Atobe's Gift, during a marathon, Atobe saves Tezuka from a breaking signpost. He injures his knee in the process. Tezuka, in return, carries him and himself to the finish line.
  • When Tezuka defeats Yamato Yuudai in U-17 and decides to go to Germany to become a professional player, Atobe promises to Tezuka that he shall catch up with the latter soon and bring the whole 5th court team to victory as Tezuka wishes.
  • In the match against Irie Kanata, Atobe shows great determination to fulfill the promise with Tezuka. He shouts "I will keep the promise, Tezuka!" while running hard to hit the ball in the final moment and faints immediately as he hits the fence when trying to do that. In anime it seems that Tezuka hears the shout just in time, even though he is leaving the U-17 Camp and waiting for the bus. When the bus driver apologizes for coming late, he answers that it does not matter since it is exactly because of the late bus that he is able to hear the precious support that Atobe gives him.

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