Illusion (Kevin Smith)
Shot Type
Two-Handed Forehand Stroke
  • Preparing to hit Illusion
  • "Multiple" balls
  • Ball vibrating rapidly in circles

Kevin Smith has another technique also called Illusion, first shown in the episode of the same name. Kevin hits the ball with the frame of his racket which causes the ball to vibrate with such force that it looks like there are multiple balls. It was first used against Echizen when Kevin was so close to losing and had to result in using it multiple times to take the match to a tie-break.

This shot is inspired by and based off of Shirashi's Entaku.


  • Echizen, in the same episode of seeing it multiple times, found a way to counter it. He watches the shadow of the ball. As Sanada says, "No matter how many after-images of the ball you see, the ball only has one shadow."


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