The Prince of Tennis
Season 2, Episode 47
Episode 47
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I Can't Lose! (負けられない! Makerarenai!) is the 47th episode of the original Prince of Tennis. It was first aired on the 4 September 2002.


Coming towards the climax of Singles 2 of Tokyo Prefectural Tournament Final between Seigaku and Yamabuki. Evolving with each and every play, Echizen Ryoma holds his own against Jin Akutsu, and finally turns the game around. After a flashback of how coach Banji recruited Akutsu into Yamabuki's tennis club, Banji gives Akutsu some "secret advice" in order to help him get back the advantage after seeing that he is starting to struggle. With it, Akutsu's determination to win in the tennis match increases, forcing back Ryoma once again, though the latter refuses to back down.