Hoshi Hanabi
Shot Type
Forehand Lob
Offensive, Defensive
  • The Flare of Stars shown once the ball is launched into the sky. Making it stun the opponent.
  • The speed and force in which it crash lands into the opponents court. making it extrenely difficult to return.
Hoshi Hanabi is Fuji's sixth counter. He reveals it during the Singles 2 match against Rikkai Dai's Niō Masaharu in the National Finals.

When the opponent hits a cord ball as a result of returning Hecatoncheires no Monban, Fuji responds by launching the ball straight into the sky, out of anyone's field of vision.

Due to a certain wind, the ball will then crash land at a very high speed with an irregular spin and it will bounce to any side. It is possible that he first used a failed version this technique in his match against Shitenhōji's Shiraishi Kuranosuke on his last shot but the shot was out. The name of the technique was not yet revealed that time.

According to Inui Sadaharu, Hoshi Hanabi can be performed by Fuji because he can read the wind.


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