Higuma Otoshi

Brown Baer

Bear Drop
Shot Type
Lob Volley

By quickly rotating his body, the user uses centripetal force to absorb the force of any overhead smash; he then returns the ball with an instant lob that almost always lands on the opponent's baseline.

The user usually stands on the baseline or in midcourt when preparing to use Higuma Otoshi. Then when the opponent smashes, the user runs to the ball and allows it to pass behind him slightly before quickly rotating their whole body clockwise (for a right handed player) and letting the ball deflect off the racquet which naturally adds topspin onto the shot. The lob then precisely lands on the baseline or backcourt with a short bounce.

Higuma Otoshi can be used in volleyball as well, as seen in Episode 164.

Ways to Counter itEdit

  • Atobe using Higuma Otoshi.
  • Fuji using Higuma Otoshi.
  • This counter is first broken by Ryoma Echizen, against Fuji who hits cord balls to change the trajectory of his smash, therefore altering the position of Fuji's lob and forcing the ball out.
  • Powerful smashes can also overpower the centrifugal force used to nullify the force of a smash. As seen when Kuranosuke Shiraishi faces Fuji. Since Shiraishi's power far exceeded Fuji's, Fuji could not handle his smash with one hand, making Higuma Otoshi impossible. Also when Takeshi Momoshiro's smash was too powerful for Oshitari, Higuma Otoshi was broken.
  • In the first round of the National Tournament, the Shukuchihō technique of Rin Hirakoba and Hiroshi Chinen rendered the counter useless, as 5 of the Higa players can move from the baseline to the net and vice versa in "one step". Meaning that they can catch the lob from the baseline with a powerful volley with ease.



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