Fifth Counter - Hecatoncheires no Monban

5th Counter

Shot Type
Slice Backhand

Fuji's fifth counter (first stated to be his "final" counter), Hecatoncheires no Monban, is actually translated to "The Hundred Armed Giant", but this is a title from Greek Mythology, and thus kept with the name "Gate Keeper of Hecatoncheires".

Using the reverse side of the racket, Fuji uses the slide of the oncoming ball over the gut and forcing a super spin to the ball. Then by instantaneously reversing his wrist and using the other side of the racket, he doubles the spin yet again. The way this counter works is from the extreme underspin Fuji creates, forcing the ball being returned back to him being a topspin, and topspins have a faster sink, making the ball sink before it passes the net.

Ways to Counter itEdit

  • Shiraishi Kuranouske manages to overcome the tremendous spin of the ball and breaks this counter by creating a counter-spin on the ball just strong enough for the ball to go beyond the net as a cord ball. However, Fuji is later able to overcome this with the creation of the sixth counter Hoshi Hanabi.



  • In real life, this shot is considered illegal as the tennis ball is only allowed to touch the racquet's face/gut once before going over the net. Please do not try it as your opponent will receive the point instead of you.
  • To be able to flip the racquet while still neatly rolling the tennis ball requires a high level of ball and racquet control. The level needed is typically that of a high-ranking professional tennis player on the international circuit.
  • This shot is not impossible, but extremely illegal.

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