Shot Type
Slice Backhand

Hakugei is a super slice lob with such extreme backspin that as soon as it passes over the net on to the opposite court, it curves upwards out of sight, than it falls straight down (usually on the baseline), and it flies back to the user's hand. However, wind is needed to use the Hakugei.

It is first shown during Fuji's match against Hyotei Academy'a Jirō Akutagawa. Hakugei can be returned if the opponent is fast enough to hit the ball as it flies back to Fuji's hand. Fuji can also change the direction of the ball after it hits the opponent's court, either to go with the direction of the wind or to lessen the chance of a return.

Ways to Counter itEdit

  • Some players have managed to return Hakugei on the way back to the user's hand by smashing or returning the ball by 90 degrees, hitting it softly in a lateral way demonstrated by Kuranosuke Shiraishi
  • It can also be returned directly by getting to the ball fast enough and smashing it, as demonstated by Masaharu Niō and Rin Hirakoba



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