The Prince of Tennis
Season 5, Episode 112
Episode 112
Air date
December 10th, 2003
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Original Prodigy: Fuji Shūsuke

Atobe the Beautiful

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Hadōkyū vs Scud Serve is the 112th episode of the Original Prince of Tennis series. It was first aired on December 10, 2003


Seigaku is still playing practice matches against Hyotei Academy and it is Takashi's turn to play. He is going up against the master of the Scud serve Choutarou Ootori. While they are playing their game Court C is busy with Momoshiro vs. Gakuto and he is finding it troublesome to deal with the superb acrobatics of the Hyotei regular.

Later Takashi is finding it very difficult to win against the Scud serve. He tried the same tactic that Inui and Kaidoh used of moving towards the middle to take advantage of Choutarou's habit of twisting his wrist. But this did not work. Choutarou overcame his control problem with the help of Ryo. Taka would not give up easily so he used his Dash Hadyokkuu and returned one of the serves totally catching Choutarou off guard. His hand was spazzing so Oishi stopped the match but as Fuji said, "it's not the end." They still have the Kanto Tournament.

And as for Momo he kept persisting that he use his dunk smash but he was aiming for something higher. A super great momoshiro special where he uses the power to delay the bounce of the ball. He ended up winning the match against Gakuto and now everyone is excited for the last two matches of the practice against Hyotei.

New Tennis Moves Introduced

Super Great Momoshiro Special - used to throw off Gakuto and to delay the timing of the ball's bounce.