Hōō Gaeshi

Shushuke Fuji using Hohou Gaeshi against Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Shot Type
Slice Forehand
Offensive, Defensive

The upgraded version of Tsubame Gaeshi, Hōō Gaeshi is one of the 3 upgraded techniques of the Triple Counter that Fuji creates in his match against Kuranosuke Shiraishi in the Nationals. Unlike Tsubame Gaeshi, Hōō Gaeshi sinks at a higher rate and is closer to the net, thus making it much harder to return before it lands. This shot is also hit with extreme slice.

Derived FromEdit

Ways to Counter itEdit

  • Hōō Gaeshi is first defeated by Niō Masaharu in Tezuka's form; like the Tsubame Gaeshi, the ball can be returned by hitting the ball before it touches the ground.


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