The Greece U-17 World Cup Team is a participating team in the U-17 World Cup.


They are ranked as the No.10 Country on the U-17 World Cup Ranking.



High Schoolers

Middle Schoolers

Tennis Record

Group League vs Japan

Type of Match Player(s) Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 2 Thalatta Heracles/Papadopoulos Evangelos Tsukimitsu Ochi/Shūichirō Oishi Lost (5-7)
Doubles 1 Apollon Stephanopoulos/Orion Stephanopoulos Atsukyō Tōno/Akaya Kirihara Lost (4-6)
Singles 3 Zeus Iliopoulos Shūji Tanegashima Lost (5-7)

Group League vs Switzerland

Type of Match Player(s) Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 2 Unknown Unknown Lost (Unknown)
Doubles 1 Unknown Unknown Lost (Unknown)
Singles 3 Unknown Unknown Lost (Unknown)

Group League vs Australia

In the end, Greece defeated Australia 3-1.



  • The Greek characters seem to be based upon Greek statues and historic Greek heroes.

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