The Prince of Tennis
Season 6, Episode 150
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Gorgeous Guys Duo, is the 150th episode in the Prince of Tennis anime series. The episode first aired in 2004.


The match that took place in this episode was Doubles 1 between the Junior Japan Kanto Region team against the Junior USA West Coast Region team which involved Japan Kanto's Kikumaru Eiji and Oshitari Yushi pair against USA West Coast's Terry Griffey and his brother Tom Griffey pair. The two brothers as a pair are known as the Gorgeous Guys duo.

At first, the Griffey brothers do well, however, with a new formation, Kikumaru Eiji and Oshitari Yushi were able to bring the score to 4-3. When their corrupt coach sees the outrage of the crowd (particulary girls who regard the two brothers as idols) whenever the Gorgeous Guys' duo loses a point, he tells them to purposely lose the match to have sponsors concentrate more on the later Singles games to ensure the team gets more money.