The Prince of Tennis
Season 7, Episode 178
Episode 178
Air date
March 30, 2005
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Goodbye, Prince is the 178th episode of Prince of Tennis. It was first aired on the 30th of March 2005 in Japan.


Continuing from the last episode, we see Tezuka and Ryoma playing their match. The Seigaku regulars find out about this and rush over there. We also see Horio Satoshi, Katsuo Mizuno, and Kachiro Kato informing Ryuzaki Sakuno, Osakada Tomoka, Shiba Saori, and Inoue Mamoru that Ryoma is in Japan.  Near the end of the match we see Ryoma thanking everyone. In the end Ryoma defeats Tezuka. The Opening Rites of The All-Japan Nationals is also shown. Ryoma has his first match in the US Open and we see world's number one seed, Lleyton Hewitt.