Chapter Guide
Golden Age 222: The Eighth Consciousness
Golden Age 224: Atonement by Blood


The chapter begins with a flashback of Amadeus' past. It turns out that he didn't grow up in Switzerland, but some war zone. His mother owned a tennis racket and Amadeus would often use it to play. Since he became so obsessed with tennis, Amadeus' mother worked day and night, so that she could afford to take her son to Switzerland to watch a professional match. There, Amadeus was spotted by one of the pros and told that he could become a great tennis player in the future.

Back in the present, Amadeus thinks that, being a pro, he can't allow himself to lose even a single game here. From the bench, Henri comments that the Swiss captain is professionalism personified and that it's showing. Onojieha on the other hand comments that Akutsu's become frightening.

Amadeus begins to analyze Akutsu's attacks in more detail. He recognizes that while Akutsu plays unconsciously for the most part, one of the five afterimages regains consciousness the split second Akutsu decides which shot to go for. Armed with his new knowledge, Amadeus is able to recognize one fake after the other, but ultimately falls short. While he can eliminate three of the five possibilities, he can't figure out which of the remaining two will occur. He moves and Akutsu hits in the opposite direction. Akutsu praises Amadeus for being able to eliminate three possibilities and wonders if the Swiss can go even further than that.

Advantage Japan. After taking four consecutive points, Akutsu only needs one more to get on the board. Akutsu continues to attack with the same pattern as before. But Amadeus shifts gears and is now able to eliminate four of the five possibilities, allowing him to stay in the rally. This point goes on for nearly an hour when Ryoma notices something...



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