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Golden Age 215: Challenging the World No. 2
Golden Age 217: That Resolution... That Condition...


In the final match of group A, Germany defeated Tube in straight sets. Tezuka participated as well.

Meanwhile, just like in D2, Duke and Gin mount a fierce attack. Gin reveals that he has expanded his number of Hadokyuu styles to 216 by adding a reverse style to each of the 108 basic ones. The difference is that while the regular Hadokyuu has a pushing motion, the reverse styles are performed via pulling. A 36th Style Reverse Hadokyuu is enough to knock the rackets out of the Swiss' hands.

In retaliation, Albert and Randy both flex their muscles, making their jerseys burst off in the process. Duke responds in kind.

Cutting away to Horio, Kachiro and Katsuo getting some food, the trio reflects on the results thus far and Horio confidently claims that if they manage to continue their winning streak, Japan will finish group B in first place. It is also revealed that Australia narrowly edged out Switzerland in round 1 of the group league with a score of 3-2.

As the 1st years return to the stadium, however, they are confronted with reality: Switzerland defeated Japan in both doubles, 6-3 in D2 and 6-1 in D1.

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