Chapter Guide
Golden Age 212: Flight


The audience is supporting Dorgias again, but Kintarou isn't overwhelmed by the pressure because he mistakenly thinks they're cheering for him instead.

Oni says Kintarou will decide the match in four more serves, implying that Dorgias won't be able to return the Mountain Eruption like in Kintarou's previous service game.

Kintarou blasts off the first serve, but Dorgias' reactions seem to have gotten faster and he returns it. Kintarou can't move at all and it's 0-15. But Kintarou doesn't seem to mind and continues with his next serve.

Another explosive serve. Dorgias anticipates it going into the corner, but Kintarou hit through the center instead. It's an ace. Three more points.

It's 15-15 as Kintarou serves again. Dorgias returns it this time, but thanks to his crazy flips Kintarou is already at the net. He aims for the corner. Dorgias gets his racket on the ball, but his shot doesn't make it over the net - 30-15.

Dorgias remembers what it was like playing with Noah. The two brothers stand united against Kintarou.



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