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Golden Age 202: Challenge
Golden Age 204: Pride of a Master Trickster


Japan are celebrating their first victory whereas Dorgias reprimands his teammates for losing. On Japan's side, Fuji and Niou are preparing for the next match when Atobe calls out to them.

The 2nd match, Doubles 1, begins. [Japan] Fuji, Niou vs [Australia] Milky Millman, Mac McGregor.

Millman serves first and starts off with his special move, Tachyon, a serve that rivals Ochi's Mach in terms of speed.

Neither Fuji nor Niou is able to touch Tachyon on the first three points. At 40-0, Niou moves far back to the wall which lets him barely get a racket on Millman's serve. The return is an easy put-away for McGregor though, much to Niou's dismay. It's Niou's turn to serve next, but to the surprise of his teammates, he does not copy anyone.

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