Chapter Guide
Golden Age 200: The Sky of the Past
Golden Age 202: Challenge


In a flashback, Yukimura joins a tennis school at age 4. The other kids are all older than him and push him around, but he meets Sanada shortly afterwards. Yukimura teaches Sanada how to improve his hitting form.

Eventually, the two enter a doubles competition as pair, but once again everyone else there is older than them (the youngest age restriction seems to be 8 years and under). They're trailing by 1-5 and Yukimura is about to give up. However, Sanada shouts at him not to with tears in his eyes.

Back to the present, it's match point for Australia and Jean and Chris prepare themselves. Instead of continuing to attack, Yukimura starts off with a weak serve and continues to hit weak shots throughout the rally whereas Sanada is using Rin to do the same. As a result of this defensive play from the Japanese, Australia, too, is unable to score and point drags on and on for 30 minutes.

After seeing this development, Atobe decides to make a move and causes a ruckus in the Australian crowd.