Chapter Guide
Golden Age 193: At the End of the Desert
Golden Age 195: Upset


After Tane won his first point, he switched his racket to his left hand and won another point. Zeus was shocked and said that he could no longer read Tane's mind anymore.The Japanese players' were surprised and said that you would not be able to deceive Zeus even you change the direction and power of the ball the moment you hit it. Shiraishi was amazed and said this was so-called talented tennis. Tane won the match with a comeback of 7-5 and revealed the water bottle lid in his palm. Even he himself wouldn't know where the ball will go.

Shiraishi realized that being Shitenhoji's captain, he only knows how to play textbook tennis. But now he found his new style. Then Tane told Shiraishi don't insist on old tennis style.



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