Chapter Guide
Golden Age 191: Repent
Golden Age 193: At the End of the Desert


Before the match started, Shiraishi was over-pressured by Zeus' aura. Shiraishi found out that Zeus' aura is different from Byodouin or Volk, seems like he knows everything. Shiraishi realized that his bible tennis would be ruined in a second and found out that he would not be able to fight against the world with his bible tennis.

Tanegashima suddenly came up and replaced Shiraishi as you know. Yushi explained that the seven registered players are allowed to switch their positions before the match. The Shitenhoji players were disappointed that Shiraishi was not playing meanwhile Horio doubted that Tanegashima just wanted to win the deciding match and show off his skills.

Zeus praised Tanegashima for having the courage to face him. Tanegashima was amazed by Zeus' aura and couldn't believe he was just in 1st year. The match began and Tanegashima nullified Zeus' shots. Then Tokugawa explained how Tanegashima was able to nullify every shot. Mysteriously, even Tanegashima seems to have great advantage against Zeus, for some reason, Zeus was leading 5-0.



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