Chapter Guide
Golden Age 190: Pathetic Way of Life
Golden Age 192: Unwinnable Battle


Tanegashima explains again that once someone has taken all of Tohno's Executions, their body will be paralyzed and they will be unable to even lift a finger.

Apollon tries to save himself, but he, too, is hit by the final shot on the neck. It seems Appollon somehow escaped the assisted suicide.

Tohno finally collapses for good. Akaya enters Devil Mode and finishes the match and Japan wins 6-4. Akaya is lively whereas Tohno has to use his racket as a crutch.

The Greek HSers reveal that Zeus had actually intended for the brothers to lose, so that they could grow from their defeat.

Kimijima explains that Tohno used Electric Chair against Akaya on purpose to prevent him from being executed by the brothers.

Finally, the first singles match is about to start. The crowd notes that after holding their own in the Pre-WC against Germany, Japan has now won two consecutive matches against Greece. Shiraishi steps onto the court, his opponent is... none other than the Greek captain, Zeus!



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