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Golden Age 187: Before Anyone Realized...
Golden Age 189: Execution Family


Oishi is talking to his Greek opponents at the net. Heracles says that he admires the fighting spirit the Japanese displayed. Turning to his partner, Oishi notices that Ochi has already packed his bag and is about to leave the court.

On the way out, Oishi finally notices the other middle schoolers in the stands and gives Kikumaru a high-five.

Heracles apologizes to Greek captain Zeus, a high school 1st year, for not being able to live up to the team's expectations.

The other Greek players scheduled to face Japan are Hermes (HS 3), Vulcan (HS 3), Apollo (MS 3) and Orion (MS 2). The two middle schoolers are brothers and will represent Greece in Doubles 1.

On the Japanese side, Tohno and Kirihara are preparing to go on the court. Tohno is fixing his headband, leading to Kirihara telling Tohno to just cut his hair. Tohno retaliates by calling Kirihara a seaweed headed bastard. Kirihara's eyes become bloodshot and he tries to attack Tohno, but the latter sends an Execution Method No. 12 - Electric Chair right into Kirihara's guts. Leaving his partner on the ground, Tohno declares that everyone has to be executed.

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