Chapter Guide
Golden Age 185: Declaration
Golden Age 187: Before Anyone Realized...


Kintarou is upset about Heracles' tactics, but Byoudouin tells him that there's no place for righteousness in the world and how fatal a single error can be. He tells the other players in the locker room to burn this into their minds.

Everyone thinks Oishi is done for, however, much to the surprise of his Greek opponents, he gets back up and declares he'll continue the match, carrying the responsibility of being a Japanese representative on his shoulders.

Mitsuya, Inui and Yanagi treat Oishi's injuries and tell him to get out of Ochi's way after serving. Inui analyzes that there's a 100% chance Oishi wasn't listening to a word they said.

The match resumes at 0-15. After serving, Oishi slowly walks forward with his eyes closed.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 19
Golden Age 184: Silver White LightGolden Age 185: ProclamationGolden Age 186: Shouldering Your CountryGolden Age 187: Before Anyone Realized...Golden Age 188: Turbulent BeginningGolden Age 189: Execution FamilyGolden Age 190: Pathetic Way of LifeGolden Age 191: Time for RepentanceGolden Age 192: Unwinnable FightGolden Age 193: At the End of the DesertGolden Age 194: Flash Tennis

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