Chapter Guide
Golden Age 184: Silver White Light
Golden Age 186: Shouldering Your Country


Greece takes a 5-4 lead thanks to Heracles' aura. Japan retaliates with Mach to even out the score once more.

It's Evangelus' turn to serve, however, he cannot get a serve in and keeps double faulting. Tanegashima and Shiraishi explain that Evangelus fell prey to Ochi's Mental Assassination during Heracles and Ochi's rallies in the 9th game.

Because Evangelus is unable to serve successfully, Japan breaks and it's Oishi's turn to serve for the match. After serving, Oishi closes his eyes once more, but Heracles' return hits Oishi's shoulder and sends him flying.

There's blood on the ground next to Oishi, the Japanese players and supporters are shocked. In the locker room, Byoudouin says that they are representing Japan in this WC.

Heracles is in tears and apologizes for hitting Oishi.

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