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Golden Age 183: That's the Answer
Golden Age 185: Declaration


Some of the Greek reps are gathered in front of a monitor and comment on how Heracles is getting serious. Apparently the move Heracles is about to unveil, Silver Light of Mount Olympus, was meant to be a secret weapon against Germany. Heracles is cloaked in a shiny aura.

Koharu and Hitouji comment on how the aura looks dangerous. Ochi tells Oishi to keep his eyes closed during this game.

Heracles serves and as his racket touches the ball, light scatters in all directions. Ochi manages to return it, though, and a rally ensues.

An interdimensional dust cloud starts forming on the court. Tachibana and Chitose note that both high schoolers are on a completely different level right now. Eventually, Ochi lets a ball pass and it's called out.

Techniques Introduced


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 19
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