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Golden Age 179: Facing a Powerful Foe: vs Greece
Golden Age 181: As the Moonlight


The first match is D2, Japan sends out Ochi and Oishi. Their opponents are Greek representatives Heracles and Evangelus.

Oishi is nervous, taking a broomstick instead of his racket onto the court.Heracles serves first and starts off with a service ace against Oishi.

Oishi tries to retaliate with his Moon Volley on the next point, but both Greeks can reach it easily and smash it back. Greek wins the first game.

Game two: Ochi opens with a service ace from Mach. Byoudouin comments that Ochi has removed his 60% limiter.

Techniques IntroducedEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 18
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