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Chapter 174
Golden Age 173: The "Big 4"
Golden Age 175: If They Beat You, Beat 'em Back


Volk and Siegmund have a chat about Tezuka's pro contract but Volk still thinks Tezuka isn't ready. Seigfried and Tezuka are training together.

The Japanese representatives talk about Shuji. He mentions that he would have been ablt to return Wirbel Taufe but he would have still lost the match.

Kurobe explains about the upcoming Group League. The 32 countries will be divided up into 8 round robin blocks of 4 teams each. Japan is in Group B along with Switzerland, Greece, and Australia.

Irie walks away from the group to talk to Atobe. He realised that Irie wasn't serious in the Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match and asks why. Even if he were to play serious, they would have still lost. Irie tells Atobe about the Group League.



New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 18
Golden Age 173: The "Big 4"Golden Age 174: The Night Before the U-17 World Cup TournamentGolden Age 175: If They Beat You, Beat 'em BackGolden Age 176: Granny's RhapsodyGolden Age 177: The Entrusted RacketGolden Age 178: The Real Battle BeginsGolden Age 179: Facing a Powerful Foe: vs GreeceGolden Age 180: FearGolden Age 181: Like the Light of the MoonGolden Age 182: Reliable PartnerGolden Age 183: That's My Answer!!

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