Chapter Guide
Chapter 166
Golden Age 165: The Sixth Sense
Golden Age 167: Pro Baptism


Using Sixth Sense, Yukimura is able to predict his opponents next move. The audience is excited for the match and praise Japan for taking a game from a pro.

Akaya remembers the first time he met Tokugawa and realises how similar he and Yukimura were.

QP wonders whether Volk and Tezuka's techniques were attracted to each other.

The Japanese High Schoolers were commeting on Howling with Tohno thinking his executions and Kimijima's negotiations could work too.

With Sixth Sense in play, Yukimura gains more confidence.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 17
Golden Age 161: Farewell, Yukimura SeiichiGolden Age 162: On the BallGolden Age 163: “Premonition” and “Senses”Golden Age 164: ResonanceGolden Age 165: The Sixth SenseGolden Age 166: A Glimpse into the FutureGolden Age 167: Pro BaptismGolden Age 168: Proclamation of WarGolden Age 169: The Asura ManGolden Age 170: Pride of an All Japan RepresentativeGolden Age 171: Aiming for World No. 1Golden Age 172: A New Enemy

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