Chapter Guide
Chapter 164
Golden Age 163: “Premonition” and “Senses”
Golden Age 165: The Sixth Sense


The chapter opens with a flashback to the confrontation between Tokugawa and Ryoma, displaying Tokugawa's premonition abilities. Back in the presence, Oni and Irie wonder if Yukimura also has premonitions, however Byodouin corrects them and says that at this point it's no longer a premonition - rather, both Tokugawa and Yukimura know for sure which shot is going to come.

Q.P. analyzes that the Japanese players' skills are attracting each other and Volk recognizes this phenomenon as Ability Resonance, or Howling.

In the meantime, Atobe leaves with his old friends, wearing the uniform of the English national team.

Techniques IntroducedEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 17
Golden Age 161: Farewell, Yukimura SeiichiGolden Age 162: On the BallGolden Age 163: “Premonition” and “Senses”Golden Age 164: ResonanceGolden Age 165: The Sixth SenseGolden Age 166: A Glimpse into the FutureGolden Age 167: Pro BaptismGolden Age 168: Proclamation of WarGolden Age 169: The Asura ManGolden Age 170: Pride of an All Japan RepresentativeGolden Age 171: Aiming for World No. 1Golden Age 172: A New Enemy

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