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Chapter 155
Golden Age 154: Glass of Memories
Golden Age 156: I'm Here


Oliver's dream was to become a US representative. Ryoma sees how hard Oliver is trying and is moved by it. He controls the rotation of the ball to make it easier for Oliver to hit.

At that time, the other American reps appear. They've finally managed to escape from the locker room. Ryoga notices that he was replaced by Oliver.

  • Ryoga: "Who is that guy?"
  • Ryoma: "That's the real Echizen Ryoga."
  • Ryoga: "Wha..."

Seeing how the other reps have returned, Ryoma can stop buying time now. Switching to his left hand, he uses his interdimensional tennis to finish off Tsube Republic in an instant.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 16
Golden Age 149: Quality of PerfectGolden Age 150: MirageGolden Age 151: The World's Strongest ManGolden Age 152: JunctureGolden Age 153: Summer DreamGolden Age 154: Glass of MemoriesGolden Age 155: Sayonara YesterdayGolden Age 156: I'm HereGolden Age 157: The Compensation of 1 GameGolden Age 158: Tennis CyborgGolden Age 159: OpferGolden Age 160: Voice of Memory

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