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Chapter 151
Golden Age 150: Luftspiegelung
Golden Age 152: Juncture


The crowd loudly cheers for Germany as Volk leaves the bench and steps onto the court to participate in the third and final match of this Pre-WC. Someone comments that Japan must've really pissed off the reigning champions. One of the French reps thinks that this is over and tells Camus they should head back. Camus still seems reluctant to leave though. Yanagi explains that Volk has been undefeated since turning pro the previous year and that he is known as the "Philosopher of Victory." It seems like he had more to say, but Kirihara cuts him off since everyone already knows Volk anyway.

Byoudouin seems to be about to rise from his seat, but Tokugawa grabs his racket, asking for permission to play in this final match. Byoudouin accepts. As the middle schoolers are about to discuss who to send from their ranks, Atobe leaves the venue. Irie and Sanada try to stop him, but it's no use. Atobe says he found something he's lacking.

After this, none of the other middle schoolers seems to be willing to participate in the match until Yukimura asks if anyone would mind if he played.


New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 16
Golden Age 149: Quality of PerfectGolden Age 150: MirageGolden Age 151: The World's Strongest ManGolden Age 152: JunctureGolden Age 153: Summer DreamGolden Age 154: Glass of MemoriesGolden Age 155: Sayonara YesterdayGolden Age 156: I'm HereGolden Age 157: The Compensation of 1 GameGolden Age 158: Tennis CyborgGolden Age 159: OpferGolden Age 160: Voice of Memory

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